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Intro: Dm C (Ooh) Well-a-well (oh … yeah) Dm C Mmm ye-e-e-e-eah (alright) eh, yo Jacob: Dm It’s never been a problem for me C It’s what I’ve always wanted, it seems Dm It’s almost predetermined to be C I’m always in between Dm It’s like I always knew that I would C But never …

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Big Deal – Anuhea C=0003 Dm=2210 Em=0432 D#m=X321 G7=0212 Am=2000 Fm=1013 or 5543 (slightly modified lyrics so a guy can sing it… chords still work with original) (Intro) C Dm Em Em-D#m-Dm Dm G7 C Dm Em Em – D#m – Dm My buddies always tell me… not to give my heart away… (Dm) G7 …

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