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Composed By: Malani Bilyeu D Dmaj7 On the road alone, pulling a heavy load D7 G Thinking of all your beauty night and day D A7 My heart yearns for your touch, but yearning hurts too much G A7 D D7 And I think I’m gonna miss my Kona Days Chorus: G A7 F#m Bm …

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The Hurt Composed By: Mackey Feary Jr. Performed By: Kalapana Intro: E7sus4 Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 Oh, you say you’re mine, and I’ll believe you every single time Bm7 E Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 E7sus4 Even though they say you’re not my kind, I just can’t believe you’d be lying Ama7 C#m7 Dma7 All my friends are …

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Composer: Malani Bilyeu D Dmaj7 G Glider man over land he’s soaring, D Dmaj7 G A Life below could he know he’s flying over my Laurie, D Dmaj7 G A Natural high makes him sigh to know that he’s so free, G D Dmaj7 G Gm And he’s smiling down on me D Dmaj7 G …