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Intro: D# Fm whoa-ho-oh-ohhh-whoa Bb D# I said heeeeeeyyyyy, yay-hee Fm Ah come on, baby Bb whoa-ho-oh-ohhh-whoa D# There’s this girl I like to meet D# Fm I hear people on the streets, they talk about her all the time Fm Say that she is oh so fine Bb Think I seen her once before, …

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Intro Ukulele Tab (2x): A|-2–2——–6–|-14–14-9-14-11——| E|——2-3-4—–|—————–11–| C|—————-|———————| G|—————-|———————| Intro Chords: B, G#m, B, G#m, B, G#m, B, G#m E, F#, E, F# Fiji: Oh yes, it’s your boy F to the 1 to the J to the 1 Introducing the one and only Sammy Gun, Sammy J Sammy J: Ooh, oh Fiji: Tell ‘em about …

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